Jaegersborg weimaraners

Juna with one of her puppies born 27. Feb. 2009

Our dogs

Our dogs:

We have now Jaegersborg Bellis(2003-05-13) of our own breed and Juna vom Entenstrich(2005-05-26) from Germany, both bitches.

Juna is 59 cm, silver grey and free of hip dysplacia (best score AA).

Juna passed the German novice trial with 70 points.
At the German Weimaraner Club show, at the age of 15 months, she scored v/v (excellent), the highest score. 

The German breeding trial – the Herbstzuchtprüfung - was successfully passed in Schleswig-Holstein in 2006 with 181 Points. Juna was 3rd best of 27 dogs.

Juna has succesfully passed various Danish hunting trials and gundog competitions: In 2006 she was best at the Water, Retrieving and Tracking trial, and in 2007 she was best at the Retrieving Trial.

Juna obtained 2nd prize in the Open Field Trial in 2007. 2008 she was best dog at the Gundog Trial in Northern Sealand with maximum points. In 2009 Juna successfully passed the Danish Extended Retrieving Trial with 207 Points .

Bellis is 62 cm, silver grey and free of hip dysplacia (best score AA).

Bellis passed the German novice trial with 62 points in the German Weimaraner Club and at the German Zuchtschau - she scored v/sg (excellent).  Bellis has succesfully passed various Danish hunting trials.  Best in Blood Tracking Trial (2005+2006), 1st winner of the Gun Dog Test 2005 and  2nd at the Field Trial in 2005.

Both dogs have been awarded Excellent in open class show and have been BOB several times.

We have had Weimaraners in our family since 1986 and used them for hunting and competition - and of course as family dogs!

Pursuing the all-round hunting dog is a great challenge and we aim toward "versatile" perfection. Breeding healthy dogs with good temperament, strong hunting potential and the beauty to excel in show is our goal.

During the hunting season our dogs are used for all kinds of hunting - for partridge, pheasant, woodcock, snipe, pigeon, duck, goose, hare, fox etc. Outside the hunting season they are excellent companions for field trials and gundog competitions.

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Juna vom Entenstrich